Carnivore Keeper Experience DESCRIPTION

Must be 18 or over. An adult behind-the-scenes experience offering a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work with the carnivore keepers as they manage the wildcats and other carnivores during a guided Feeding Tour!  Price is $250.00.

Prey PinataJoin our lead keepers as they prep to feed the tigers, leopards, bobcats, African servals, lions, cougars, foxes and wolves during our popular guided Feeding Tour!

Your experience begins at 1:30 p.m. (you can arrive as early at 10 a.m. and enjoy visitation prior to your program) as you assist keepers with preparing meat portions to be fed during the tour, locking down the carnivores and setting the stage for them to eat during the staff-guided Feeding Tour. We’ll provide a hand-made papier-mâché piñata for you to prep to feed to your choice of wild carnivore! You’ll be with our keepers behind the scenes while they conduct the Feeding Tour.

You may bring another guest at no additional charge to observe the Feeding Tour from public viewing areas as part of our audience for the day. (Only one person is allowed behind the scenes for this program.) Additional members of your party may reserve to attend the Feeding Tour the same day, as a spectator.

Please note, participation in this program means you may be in the presence of animal carcasses and identifiable “parts”, and will definitely be in the presence of and/or expected to be able to handle raw meat, including but not limited to poultry, beef, venison, horse, or pork.

Sorry, no refunds unless we cancel the program and tour due to weather, veterinary emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances. Click here for availability and/or to register.