Corporate Events

Corporate EventsUp to 200 adults

Outdoor venue for up to 200 adults!

Black Pine is the perfect choice to bring employees together for a unique, inspiring celebratory outing or for team-building, and proceeds support our non-profit mission, making the sanctuary a responsible and compassionate choice!  A portion of fees is tax deducible!

Call Lori at 260-636-7383 to get started! We are ready to help make your event unique and successful!

Daytime events, teens and older
Available Fridays from August 15 – September 30
Tent(s), tables & chairs to accommodate groups of 50 to 200
Audio-video capabilities
Access to the entire sanctuary
Full-service restrooms
Free parking
Guided sanctuary tours for smaller groups (up to 75)
Scavenger hunt for larger groups (75 to 200)