Black Pine is not a zoo! Your ability to abide by these rules directly influence our ability – and willingness – to allow visitation. Very FEW true sanctuaries are open to visitors. Please do your part to ensure that you, and others, might enjoy this privilege now and in the future!  


  • No pets. We will allow qualified service animals, as required by law. This is an animal welfare organization and we will report endangered pets (left in hot vehicles, for example) to 911.
  • This is a family-friendly facility. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Please, no bare midriffs; no profane language/images on tee shirts. If we feel your apparel is inappropriate, we reserve the right to ask you to leave or deny entry.
  • Do not run or engage in any horseplay. Consider visiting Hidden Diamonds Park in Albion, a wonderful (free) nearby park with splash pad, playgrounds, disc golf, ball fields, pavilions, camping, walking trails, restrooms and more, if you are looking for a great option for outdoor recreation.
  • Shhh! Yelling and animal sounds are scary! Just like running and horseplay, loud Be respectful, please.voices and sounds will cause animals to seek shelter. We do not lock animals outside for the benefit of visitor viewing.
  • Please don’t try to wake any sleeping animals. Zzzzzzz
  • If an animal charges a fence or otherwise takes a direct interest in your or anyone in your party, please slowly and quietly walk away. Do not overstay your welcome and cause animals to feel defensive or frightened. This is THEIR home. Please be respectful!
  • Please DO NOT CLIMB OR LEAN ON any of the safety barriers. Please adhere to the request to “Keep Off” safety barriers to help us preserve this refuge and the ability to allow the public to enjoy it.  Please keep feet on the ground and bodies off of fences.
  • We do not allow any public contact with any dangerous or non-domestic animals. When appropriate, domestic animals (donkeys, mini-horse, etc.) may be close enough to touch or pet. Please wash your hands in the restrooms if you come into contact with any animals.
  • We do not allow you to feed the animals, due to special and restricted diets. We do accept donations of various foods that are suitable for the animals to eat, however the animals’ keepers will prepare and deliver all food.  If you’d like to grant our Wish List, gifts are tax deductible.


For further assistance, please contact us.