Especially offered for those visiting with infants and toddlers. Strollers & wagons welcomed! Enjoy the opportunity to observe the animals before the crowds arrive. Photo courtesy of Kay Donaldson, from BPAS Facebook Page.Pack a snack and enjoy the morning with the animals! NEW in 2017, all of our visitor paths are now paved, so bring your strollers and wagons!

Please be prepared to help us preserve a peaceful, respectful environment that places the comfort of the animals first.

Unlike a zoo, the animals living here are not separated from visitor viewing areas by vast distances, thick panes of glass, or other features designed to prevent the behavior of visitors from having a direct impact on the quality of life for the animal residents.  All of our animal residents have come here after lives of exploitation, abuse, neglect, and have been made to trust, not fear, people.  This is their home, and we ask all guests to respect it at all times.

Some things to know before you visit:

-We do not allow running, yelling, making animal noises, imitating animal behaviors, or other behavior that may frighten or cause an animal to become aggressive.

-We prohibit any and all climbing on safety perimeters, tables, benches, chairs, and any other objects or landscape within the sanctuary.  Please respect the fences where “Keep Off” is repeatedly posted – help us preserve our property and ensure the safety of you, your children, and the animals.

-Please do not intentionally try to “engage” with the animals.  When appropriate, domestic animals may be close enough to touch or pet.  No public contact is allowed with any other animal residents.  Please take sensible measures to wash hands thoroughly after any contact with an animal.

-Strollers and wagons are welcomed, however we make no guarantee as to how well they will perform on our pathways, as some areas are not ideal for wheels, though we believe you will find the vast majority of site is accessible.

Tadpole Tour time takes place during General Visitation hours, so other guests may also be present while you are here.  No pre-payment is required to participate, though we do appreciate your pre-registration so we can plan accordingly for staffing and to avoid overcrowding.


Free for Park Pal members!


Non-member fees, collected upon entry:

Ages 0-2 FREE
Ages 3-9 years $7.00
Ages 10-54 years $10.00
Ages 55 and up $8.00

Click here to check availability (some black-out dates are possible) of all programs suitable for toddlers, and/or to register.